Surviving Corporate Downsizing: 5 Steps To Creating Success In Your New Life

Surviving Corporate Downsizing: 5 Steps To Creating Success In Your New Life
Genre: Creativity Self-Help
Downsized by Corporate America? Disillusioned with your career trajectory? Feel lost and don’t know where to begin? Frustrated with your earnings and anxious about your future income potential? Welcome to the Zombieconomy. Corporate layoffs have infected millions. Survival is nearly impossible. But this book will lead you to safety. Follow the directions inside and you will survive. You are not alone. We are here and we are waiting for your arrival. Get laser-focused about where you want to go. Stand up to your situation with courage. Improve your mind and spirit with massive actions. Create your own roadmap to redemption. Interview with the Author Q: Why did you write this book? I had a burning desire to save people from going through the pain and frustration that I experienced after being laid off. After working for the same company for two decades, my job was abolished through a reorganization process. Basically, folks who didn’t really know me and understand how valuable I was decided the company would be better off without me (and my team). I was devastated. I had absolutely no control over the process or the decisions that involved my future and my income potential. So I was driven to help folks get back on their feet quickly through a proven step-by-step process. Q: How were you able to turn your life around? Honestly, it was extremely difficult. I had to figure out how to get myself back on track and dig my way out of depression. I felt worthless and had no energy to get out of bed in the morning. It was a long road traveled over months. I read tons of books and listened to many audio programs. I implemented scores of systems and checklists. You name it, I tried it. Some things worked for me while others didn’t. It was an insane trial and error experiment with me as the test subject. Ultimately, I found that it was a total holistic approach - involving mind, body and spirit - that produced solid results. Q: How would someone benefit from reading this book? With so many folks getting let go by Corporate America over the last decade it was shocking to me that nobody had written a manual to lead people back to a successful life. Once I figured it all out it dawned on me that the process could have been far less painful and much quicker had there been some type of handbook available. So I made the conscious decision to be the one to lay it out in a short, easy to follow guide. If readers follow my teachings they will immediately feel better about themselves, they will become physically healthier, and move in a direction of their choosing - with CONTROL and CONFIDENCE. They will learn to live with purpose again. They will learn to KICK ASS. Q: What one piece of advice would you give someone who is currently frustrated with their career trajectory or has been recently laid off? Take action NOW. Just get started. Don’t try to achieve perfection. Allow yourself to grow and make mistakes. Do not waste another second feeling depressed. Do not waste another day living life on someone else’s terms. Do not waste another month hoping to get control of your life. You owe it to your spouse and children to provide the best life. You owe it to the world to share your gifts and talents. Most of all, you owe it to yourself to be the BEST and to feel GREAT everyday. Read this book and create your journey to awesomeness!
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