Are you ready for the summer?


Ahhh, growing up as a youngster. Those were the days. Summer meant two things.

Horror movies.

And being put to bed when the sun was still out.

Well, kids today wouldn’t understand because they go to bed whenever they goddamn want. And they couldn’t even locate the sun at high noon unless it were displayed on their Xbox or their iPhone.

But grumpiness aside, summer for me meant sneaking down the hall to peek over the couch while my babysitter watched Creature Double Feature. Or I would quietly put on a UHF channel on my small black-and-white television with rabbit ears to watch Universal Monster movies late at night.

Again kids, google it or wiki-something it.

This summer starts right now though. Jay Wilburn‘s Summer of Zombie Blog Tour (on Facebook) features so many great zombie authors and fantastic post-apocalyptic stories. There will be plenty of direct access to authors, so you can ask questions about their underwear or why they killed your favorite character. You’ll see contests and threads where prizes can be won. Oh, and you just might find a new favorite author to follow. PICK ME! PICK ME!

Sorry, that was Armand Rosamilia who took over for a second.

I’d keep writing but I gotta go check out the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour. You should too! Pull up your striped knee-socks and run over to the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour. What? You don’t know what knee-socks are? Good grief.

Tell ’em Wudy da Wabbit sent you. Spaz! Spaz! Spaz! Spaz!

Over the next three weeks, in honor of the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour, I will be re-posting a three-part short story about zombies locked in a prison. Tune in next week for part 1…