Nothin’ But A Good Time


How can I resist? – lyrics from Poison’s song Nothin’ But A Good Time

Tomorrow marks the 100th Episode celebration of The Horror Show with Brian Keene. As I excitedly prepare for the trek down to Maryland to help Brian Keene celebrate his milestone, I couldn’t help but channel some Poison. It dawned on me how apropos the 80’s/90’s metal act fit the landmark occasion. And for more reasons than the simple fact some of the attendees grew up in the shadows of the band’s heyday.

Look What The Cat Dragged In

A room full of Horror authors is enough to send anyone’s grandma running for safety. Just look at the sick stuff we create. Chills!

Unskinny Bop

I prefer to think of the size of a few of us, including yours truly, rather than the slang meaning behind the song of the same title. ‘Cause that would just be gross.

Nothin’ But A Good Time

Twenty-four hours of in-depth interviews, author readings, books, SWAG and delirious ramblings of many guests promises to provide something for everyone. Live and unfiltered. What could happen?

Something To Believe In

Scares That Care is a phenomenal charity organization and gives us all something to believe in. Especially the three families chosen each year to receive the help. Seeing is believing and when you watch Brian Keene and Joe Ripple hand out checks to the recipients, there ain’t a dry eye in the crowd.

I Won’t Forget You

The community of Horror authors is amazing. Since joining them, I have met so many generous people who are willing to help upcoming authors succeed. These authors continuously floor me with their generosity of advice and time. I won’t drop any names but they rhyme with hay, lion and blonde.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

(Mr.) Frank Edler, host of Bizzong! Podcast, is going to have to survive my musical choices as we drive down to Maryland. I haven’t decided yet if we will be going with Polka, Bluegrass or Black Metal. I’ll probably just call an audible¬†when I get to his house.

I can’t wait for tomorrow to begin. If you cannot make this remarkable charity event, then try to catch it live on Brian’s YouTube channel. And be sure to donate whatever you can. Every dollar makes a huge difference in people’s lives.

Don’t forget to visit the Scares That Care Weekend event each July in Williamsburg, VA. I will be there this year with all my brothers and sisters in Horror.

Make sure you use the following hashtag whenever you share or Tweet about this event. #HorrorShow100