Can you hear me now?


So much noise.  Everyone is talking at the same time.  Showing you things.  Selling you stuff.

I’m guilty.

The experts tell us how to stand out from the crowd.  How to break through the clutter.  The noise.

What for?

People will only pay attention to something if they care about it.  Doesn’t matter how nice your graphics are or how many blinking lights flash across the screen.

It’s too much.

So what can we do?

Put yourself in their shoes and think like they would.  Be the ball, Danny.  You already know what matters to them.  You ARE one of them.

Ignore the experts?

Ignore is a harsh word.  Let’s say, take their messages under advisement.  But be genuine.  Be yourself.  Talk to them.

It’s about them, not you.

But I’m important, too!  I have something to say, dag-nabbit!  And I want them to listen to me.

Shut up.

It’s you, not the message.  The message is the same or similar enough to not make that much of a difference.  But you.  You are…


Yes, there is only one of me.  They broke the mold when I was born.  WHO JUST SAID, “THANK GOD?”

Anyway, I will be authentic and be myself.  As scary as that might be.

You’re an idiot.

So what?  I say and do stupid things.  We all do, right?  Right?  Maybe not.  But that’s okay.  I feel better now.  I can throw away the ass-less chaps and the clown shoes.  I don’t have to force people to notice me.  They could just follow the signs.  The caution tape twirled around my body and all the folks near me wearing tee shirts, pointing, I’m with stupid.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to shouting my message to the world.

Can you hear me now?  Reply to this post with a YES or a NO.  Or tell me something dirty…