What Writing Has Taught Me


Writing stories is a gift.

I’m not saying I am more gifted than anyone else who writes.  I’m talking about the “gift” writing stories has been FOR ME.

Even though I have been writing since I was a youngster, it wasn’t until I shared my words with the world that I became aware of the power of stories.

Writing is a lifetime process.  Like learning.  And combining the two has enriched my life exponentially.  I have learned to break through portions of my mind which previously limited me.  I have learned it is okay to be imperfect (this is probably the hardest lesson to learn).  I have learned to embrace failure as a step in the road, rather than a result.  I have learned that all people are not horrible.

The value of these lessons cannot be summarized in book sales, or revenues.  There is no measure for touching people with your words and hearing them thank you for what you have expressed.  And I cannot place a value on the new people I have encountered or had the pleasure of finding.  Or maybe I can…


As I reflect on where this journey started and where I want it to go in 2017, I am driven to tears of humility and gratefulness.  I never would have made it this far without so many people who contributed on various levels.  I owe my readers and friends a debt I can never possibly repay.  The support of my family was monumental as I fumbled and flailed to figure this all out.  And the writing community, specifically horror authors, have taken me under their massive wings and groomed me for the next level.  Too many names to list out, but if you follow me anywhere online then you know the names of the people I follow…and worship.  Their contributions to my success cannot be overstated.  So much generosity.

The most important lesson I have learned from writing can be summed up in one word.


Everyone has heard the adage it takes a village to raise a child.  But it also takes a community to create an author.  This is where The Mando Method Podcast has been so instrumental in my development as an author.  Armand Rosamilia teaches me how to think, like how to fish, rather than stating the definitive route to take.  He knows different things work for different authors.  And if you listen between the lines to his message, then you understand the need for self-development and actualization.

It’s not just Armand.  He’ll probably yell at me for saying this.  But he knows how I feel about him.  And, yes, it is creepy.

The Mando Method Podcast community is critical to my continuous learning and development as an author.  Because everyone who listens to the show also walks in my shoes.  They understand what it means to struggle with the artistic process.  And they contribute in their own ways, engaging the show with questions, feedback and patronage.

I learned it takes a COMMUNITY of writers to help one writer succeed.  Anyone can sit alone in their empty house putting words on paper.  But the COMMUNITY drives the message forward through sharing and acknowledgement.  Transmitting perseverance and hope.  Like a beacon guiding the ships into a rocky port.

Writing has taught me all these things.  I want to pay it forward as I continue to share my failures and successes with everyone.  So help me find the struggling writers and authors out there.  Please have them check out The Mando Method Podcast so they can get the help they need too.  Hopefully, they will be as grateful someday as I am today.

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