Success Breeds Failure


I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy.  That’s why I think success breeds failure.  Hold on.  Give me a chance.

Intuitively, failure breeds success.  As you fail, you learn what doesn’t work.  And then you try something else until you succeed.  Right, Thomas Edison?

Some would even argue that success breeds more success, or conversely, failure breeds more failure.

But I am adamant thafalling-335295_960_720t success breeds failure.  Here’s why.

When we succeed at something, we become complacent that we have things all figured out.  Why would I need to do anything differently?  I’m a HUGE success.  I gotta just keep doing what I’m doing.  Then the bottom drops out.

I have experienced this on numerous occasions in my life.  Financially.  Losing weight.  Writing.  Relationships.  The proof is all there.  Just when I conquer my demons and improve an area of weakness, I lose focus and revert back to the ways that I have already proven don’t work.  You see, I take my eye off the prize and feel that I can continue my momentum by shaving off a little on this side or mailing it in on the other.  Laziness.  Success tricks me into thinking I have won.  Doesn’t work, folks.  Trust me.

As I re-dedicate myself to my goals, I want to ensure that my success FEELS like failure so that I keep pushing through.  I WANT my success to breed failure so that I grow.  I will celebrate my successes but I will ask myself a new question as a challenge.  Why didn’t I do more?  If I lost 5 pounds, that’s great!  But why didn’t I lose 10?  If I write 5,000 words today, I had an awesome day.  But why didn’t I write 7,500 words?  If I told my wife and kids I loved them today, then today was a good day.  But why didn’t I SHOW them that I loved them?

Time to get back to work.  I have my ledger open.  The left side column lists my successes.  The right side column lists my ideas to do better next time.  I’m moving forward.

What are you going to do?