Embracing the Darkness


aurora-1057948__180This is the time of year when I can get a lot of work done.

The longer nights and shorter days are a perfect prescription for hunkering down – focusing on reading and writing.

So many stories are swirling in my head.  Where do I start?  Which one gets top billing?  As soon as I start working on one story then a new idea arises which fascinates me (shiny new syndrome much?).  It is a cruel, cruel process with creativity.

And the books.  I have accumulated so many great books and I want to read them all.  Now.  I find myself reading several books simultaneously very often.  How can I limit myself to one novel at a time?  Don’t we all bounce from one series to another when we catch up on our DVR shows?  The same can’t be said for Netflix binge-watching.  I still don’t get that.  My children have been lost for some time now, hidden away in their bedrooms or elsewhere with Netflix series.  And now my wife has taken to it.  Really?  Et tu?  Anyway, I digress…

Reading several titles at a time makes sense to me.  I find different stories captivate me depending on my mood or the season.  And I plow through more books because I enjoy one tale while longing to dive back into the realms of another.  If a slow passage arises then I try to get through it faster so that I can return to another book, almost like dangling a carrot.  It works for me.

Unfortunately, it is more difficult to accomplish on the writing side.  I try to keep multiple projects going at all times to avoid boredom and to be more prolific.  But it ain’t no easy task.  The easiest way for me to accomplish this feat is to write different sized projects.  Meaning, a short story with a novel and a novella plus blog posts and journals.  A little of each at a time keeps the flow and avoids writer’s block.  Like reading, I find some projects are easier to work on depending on my mood or inspiration.  So jumping from project to project provides a good muse.

I hope this resonates with folks.  The new year brings resolutions and goals.  Make sure you resolve to ratchet up your reading pace this year.  There is just so much great material available to be enjoyed…why waste time with T.V. or social media?  And if you have always wanted to write a book, then this is your year.  Make it happen.  If you need encouragement or advice then send me a note and I will do what I can to help you along.  Writers have to stick together because only a writer understands what a writer goes through.  If it were so easy then everyone would publish a book.

Stay tuned.  I plan to make 2016 a huge year.  And make sure you sign up for my fan club.  Only members get advanced updates and inside information (plus some free bonuses from time to time).